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Cement Lime Mortar, Plastering
Lime based mortars has been used in building constructions for thousands of years. The oldest lime-based concrete well known to us was found in The Great Pyramid of Giza, and dates from 2530 B.C

CAO particularly experience with lime mortar and it's the largest plaster lime supplier in Malaysia. CAO plaster lime is also the only company in Malaysia that has been awarded with SIRIM quality that complied with BS 890.

Adding plaster lime from CAO into Ordinary Portland Cements (OPC) mortar helps enhance the workability, the bonding strength of the plaster wall, autogenous healing, minimizes water penetration, durable, elasticity and proven performance in time, vapor permeability and compressive strength.

CAO plaster lime contains high plasticity, which allow more sand carrying and save more usage of cement. Hence, CAO plaster lime is green for environmental builders, as lime in the plaster wall absorb more carbon dioxide, it build up strength through up time and it provide autogenous healing that ensure more durability throughout.

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