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Putty Lime

Putty Lime

A1 plaster lime Export – (Ca(OH)2)

As the pioneer of putty lime manufacturer in Malaysia, we ensure our quality are the best and will always provide the best putty lime and services to our customers. Our putty lime is certified to SIRIM BS EN 429-1: 2001 and under quality management of ISO 9001:2008.

CAO putty lime is suitable for constructions such as Cement mortar mixture, Lime mortars, Restoration of historical buildings and renovations. Putty lime from CAO also suitable for whitewashing, which can be apply on trees to prevent fungal diseases, heat injury to trunks, bark borers and insects laying eggs in the bark of the trunk.

Our lime putty is produced from high calcium quicklime. Quicklime went through an automated slacking machine with technology from Italy before water curing process. Slacking process is very important, as we have to ensure our Lime putty is fully slacked. Unlike manual slacking, our machine ensure 100% slacked process. Our slacked putty lime are then well kept in a water tank to for curing process. Time is very crucial for putty lime the longer the water curing process; the more mature the pool of lime putty.

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