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Road Construction

Soil Stabilization
CAO Fine Ground High Calcium Lime can be used to treat soils in order to improve their workability, stability impermeability and load-bearing capacity of the sub grade. Applying lime from CAO to the sub grade will significantly improve in two engineering properties: Modifications and Stabilizations.

CAO Fine Ground High Calcium Lime removes water from the soil or mud through its reactivity with the calcium ions and form a solid platform. The results are plasticity reduction, reduction in moisture-holding capacity (drying), swell reduction, improved stability and solid working platform.

Soil stabilization with lime ensures a long shelf life of a road. In long term, the soil will gain strength, even after load damage through its autogeneous healing.

Cement based stabilization method, which is weak against water over time and results in cracking and shrinkage. On the other hand, lime based stabilization methods reacts with water and generates even more solid platform overtime.

Road Constructions (Asphalt)

The quality of the road plays a vital role in the road construction. Road must be durable and resistant to both loads and weather.

It is proven that, by mixing CAO lime in the Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) prolong their useful life by enhancing their resistance to abrasion, rutting and premature ageing. Lime is a superior anti-stripping agent in asphalt.

CAO Fine Ground High Calcium Lime reacts with the asphalt in the mixing process and forms chemical effects that reduce striping potential and the aging impact resulting from oxidative hardening. The filler effect improves resistance to high temperature rutting.

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