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Sludge Treatment
CAO's Hydrated High Calcium Lime is use to dewater and minimize the volume of sludge produced. Hence the high pH level of lime can use to eliminate the harmful elements in the waste.

Adding Hydrated High Calcium Lime also increases the solids content of the waste and makes sludge easier to handle, prevents fermentation, limits odors, and eliminates pathogens.

Our Research & Development team specifically tailor our lime products which suitable for different sludge treatment usage.

Wastewater Treatment
CAO's Hydrated High Calcium Lime is use to treat wastewaters. Due to the high pH of wastewater, lime is use to neutralize the pH level before discharge. Hence, lime removes the phosphorus, nitrogen and other impurities during the treatment. This process helps prevent eutrophication (algae build-up) in surface waters.

CAO lime is suitable for municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, acid mine drainage and many others wastewater treatment.

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