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CAO state-of-the-art green energy technology limekiln produces high quality calcined products – (Quicklime, Quicklime Powder, Hydrated Lime & Putty Lime), as well as uncalcined products – (Lime stones & Calcium Carbonate Powder).

Each year, we produce some 400,000 metric tons of products for almost all lime applications in Malaysia & Overseas market. Our limestones are carefully selected. We assure only the best quality lime stones are use in the production.

We never fail in rendering our assistance to our customers and always get appreciation from the markets with out ability to help and solve problems during specific technical applications.

Our mission is to continue to provide our customers with a high quality lime products, efficiency & reliable service and helping the world go green.

Malaysia Putty Lime :: Calcium Carbonate Powder :: Calcium Hydroxides :: Hydrated Lime :: Lime Plaster :: Quicklime Powder