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What is Skim Coating?

Skim coating is one of the more common finishing for home and office interior, a plastering process for indoor painting. Skim coat is a mix of chemicals that is applied on the dry walls. The purpose of this coating is to make the rough wall smooth.

Importance of Skim Coating

When you make a new wall it never appears smooth. There will be roughness all over the wall. This is not good for painting the wall. If you paint on your rough wall, your wall won't look good. The smoothness of the wall will not be there. Any type of light can reveal the rough surface of your wall.

Apart from this, the colour of your wall may look dull. You can never get the glamourous appearance of your wall. Every colour works on light. When your wall fails to reflect enough light, your wall will look average.

This is where skim coating comes into place, to smoothen out the rough edges and uneven surfaces, so that the paint colours can be showcased with perfection. Skim coating is a type of protection on your wall. If you have a rainy weather or damp weather, then your wall may get damaged. This chemical coating puts a layer on your wall and saves your wall from getting damaged.

What are the Reasons Behind Applying Skim Coating?

This coating (skim) can add a new dimension to your walls. It can give your wall a great finish (level 5). You can use any type of expensive paint on your wall and your wall will look really stunning.

Moreover, you may have many breaks or joints on your wall. This coating can hide all of it. It's a type of superior plaster that can give a smooth and hard surface on your wall.

Where to find the best Skim Coating?

CAO Industries makes the best skim coats (A1). We are from Malaysia. Our skim coat is of excellent quality.

What makes CAO Skim Coat the Best?

  1. Our skim coat is extremely easy to use. There are some coats which are really difficult to put on the wall's surface. But, their skim is flexible and easy to use.
  2. The timing of this coating is reasonable. It just takes a proper time to get dried on your wall. There are many skim coats that take a huge time to get dried. But, this mixture is not like that.
  3. This skim mixture involves no complex process to apply it on your wall. It's a ready (made) mix and you can apply it instantly on your wall.
  4. This mixture of skim is made from superior quality chemicals. As a result, this skim coat will last long for years, and it can protect your walls for a long time.
  5. If a skim coat doesn't get the bonding, then it won't make your wall smooth. But, this coating has an excellent bonding quality. It would bond with your interior walls and would give a perfect finish.
  6. This skim mixture has a great work-ability. This means, you won't have any problem to work with this mixture. You can use it the way, you want.

All of these above factors make CAO Industries the best skim coating (A1) company. If you want to give your walls a supreme smoothness, then you should visit our site. Believe it or not, after using it, you can surely experience the best.